Economic solution for controlling:

> Dimmable LEDs 230V.

> Dimmable CFLs.

> Trailing edge dimmable Electronic Transformers.

Output power 350W Controlled by IGBT

  • Handles great inrush currents.
  • Lamps connected up to 350W.
  • Diming Law Correction eliminating dead fields of the lamps.
  • Master – Slave operation for controlling multiple Dimmers with one controller.
  • CFL ignition.
  • DMX-512 input.
  • Analogue input (0/10V, 1/10V, rheostat 100Klog, button, UP/DOWN button).



Technical specifications
Output channels.
Μaximum Οutput power.
350 W
Μinimum Οutput power.
0 W
Operation mode.
 Trailing edge
Load types.
 Dimmable 230V LED lamps.
Dimmable compact fluorescent lamps. (CFL).
230V halogen lamps.
Electronic transformers for low voltage halogen lamps.
Incandescent lamps.
Digital input
 DMX-512 / 1990.
Digital output
DMX-512 / 1990. (Through).
Analog input.
Analogue input operation modes.
 1) 0-10V or 1-10V,
2) Single push button,
3) Up-down push buttons (Two buttons).
Enhanced operation 1-10V.
 1) Yes. When dimmer controlled from 1-10V controller,
(not rheostat), 0-100% dimming can be selected.
2) When rheostat is used, dimming range is 0-100%.
Analogue and digital 
Merge modes.
 HTP or LAST (aller retour), selectable.
Master / Slave operation.
 Yes. Slave dimmers take control from master dimmer via digital connection.
Dimming Law correction.
 Yes. Adjusting the built-in min and max trimmers user can achieve dimming without control, the intervals.
Dimming resolution.
 2040 steps.
Off @ minimum.
Yes. Selectable. When minimum level is set at 10% e.g.,
the user can select if dimmer will turn off at 0% of control input.
CFL ignition.
Yes. When turning on dimmer with low dimming level, CFLs may not turn on at that level. With CFL ignition is selected, the dimmer automatically inserts 1sec. 100% output voltage pulse, for proper CFL turn on.
PWM signal output.
 Yes. Connecting to this output ELECTRON'S constant voltage, constant current converters or boosters, the user can control at the same time different types of LED fixtures.
PWM signal output voltage.
PWM signal output current.
 80 mA
Power supply voltage.
 230VAC (-25%, +15%) / 50Hz
Power consumption. 
(Max load at 100%).
 353 W
Power consumption. 
(Max load at 0%).
 < 1W
Output current.
 1,52A rms
Ambient temperature.
 0°C to 40°C
(L x W x H)
 248,5mm x 49mm x 43,2mm