Architectural Lighting Management System



Ideal in small installations or in applications where cost is a crucial factor, control panels of 6 or 18 scenarios with incorporated DMX output can be used.


The MINI ARLIC lighting control system can manage up to 60 DMX channels, while it is also possible that the control panels have an IR receiver for the IR remote control ARS.004.


The MINI ARLIC can control up to 32 senarios and can support up to 48 nodes (16 control panels ARS.009/010/011/012, 16 analogue interfaces ARS.002 and 16 high voltage interfaces ARS.001). Also emergency lighting conditions are supported by the system.


MINI ARLIC controllers


245 Dimmers


Control panel and controller with 6 scenarios and DMX output.

Control panel and controller with 6 scenarios, infrared receiver and DMX output.